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Yes, Blogging Does Need A Routine!

Table of Contents

In my very first post, I shared exactly why I started a blog and why I think you should too. But it isn’t as simple as purchasing a domain and publishing a few content pieces every now and then. If you really want it to work for you, you need to remain consistent at it.; a.k.a., you absolutely need to have a routine for your blog as well!

As I struggle to keep up with my own blog at times, here’s sharing a few tips that have helped me carve out some time from my absolutely horrendous schedule through the work week.

1. Understand the time you have on hand

Of course, there are some days are better for the blog to perform, but it isn’t necessary for you to follow the same. Take a look at how you typically spend a day, the time you allot to different tasks, the time you have in hand to sit down with a fresh mind to blog for yourself. This is really important if you have a full time job (whether a 9 to 5 or working remotely). Just like those new year resolutions to remain fit need you to create a healthy routine, your blog’s going to take as much effort!


blogging tips - find time

While developing a schedule for my blog is still in process, here’s what I have learnt so far – it’s okay to act like a kid who needs constant pushing to complete a homework. So go ahead, set goals (your posts) for yourself and add a gazillion reminders that go off till you actually complete them. I personally prefer those recurring alarm reminders that just won’t give up on me!

2. Plan your blogs slightly beforehand

There is just no point of setting reminders that scream ‘go write your blog NOW’. If you really want to be the best productive self, plan it all out beforehand. Sit down with a notebook when you have some time in hand to jot down all the ideas you want to cover on your blog. Create draft topics and quick structure summaries that will later help you keep up with your thoughts – I hate it when I lose an idea because at times, some of the best ones come to you when you’re least expecting them. (Especially when you’re in sitting in the bathroom painting your nails..dammit!)


blogging tips - to do list

When planning things out, don’t go overboard with things. It is important that you do take your schedule into account when listing down the action items – what, when, why and how. For instance, writing one GREAT post for my blog ‘every day’ is something I can only say right now and really not keep up with – no matter what I do!

3. Make it fun and not just another task

The one thing I realised while trying to keep up with blogging is that the more I think of it as a ‘task to be completed’, the more I dread it and want to procrastinate over the whole idea. And that’s just wrong on so many levels – for your blog, of course!

You need to create an environment that makes you feel like you’re getting your ‘time off from work’ when writing or creating something for your blog. Whether it is wrapping a post you were writing or editing the graphics and pictures you want to insert in it, break it into smaller tasks and make it a point to enjoy every bit for it.

For example, I like having my hot cup of tea with peanut butter sandwiches while I sit in bed and write down blogs. It truly does make me feel like I’m getting the rest I probably deserve and not lose out on keeping up with my blogging routine. Some people love watching TV shows or playing music to create the ‘perfect blogging environment’ – I just get distracted by them, so find what you’re comfortable with the most!

You could try out the POMODORO technique as well. The productivity hack focuses on allotting 25 minutes to a task and then taking a 5 minute break to do whatever else comes to your mind. The whole thing goes in a loop till you’re done with the task – the best part? You just don’t get bored doing that one thing.


pomodoro technique


4. Give yourself some research and learning time

Let’s face it, it’s your blog and you really don’t want to be running to the first friend on your Skype for help every time you need to add something new to it or change it altogether. Trust me, I have been there and done that, and feel like a complete noob doing so even though I have the best of friends who have never said no to helping me out. πŸ™‚

So I found a way out of being a noob – giving myself some time to research and learn on my own. What you see on my blog right now is complete done by me. Whether it is adding an author bio on the right side menu, social media icons of my choice and more, I went through various HTML guides to help me through it. While it all took me at least 30-40 minutes more than what it would take someone who knows it all already, the feeling of accomplishment was the BEST!


blogging tips - research and learn

I don’t say you need a schedule for learning too. Whenever you have time in a day, search for things you’d want to learn more about to make your blog better. I prefer using Pocket to save all the links of resources I plan to read up on. It really saves time compared to sorting through the various bookmarks on my browser or going through my search history.

5. Create a mood board and set up your workspace

Okay, this tip might seem a little funny coming from someone who prefers to sit every where else with her laptop other than the work desk that she spent on a few months back. But I totally think having a work space works really well when you’re trying to set up a blogging routine. Personally, my bedroom is where I work from so I have everything I like in the room – right from the bed, the bedside table, lights, mood board to just about everything else you could see – each of it is just as I like so that it helps me work better without getting bored. (Yes, I have had bedroom overhauling done as well – a few times!)

Getting a mood board, a bulletin board or simply a white board is a great idea. You can stick all you ‘sudden ideas’ on it and even get yourself a few motivational quotes to keep you going. Whether you end up using it or not, get yourself a work table so that you know you’re supposed to work every time you get up in the morning – important if you’re working remotely, trust me.

“Blogging routines create to blogging pros.”

You might think I am all too new at blogging, but I’m only new to blogging for myself. I have been consistently working with businesses and brands to help them keep up with their blogs and know that it takes a set routine to establish authority in an industry you’re aiming at.

Setting a routine for yourself is just as important as setting goals to slay every new year. The more you’re able to streamline your blogging routine, the bigger a success story it becomes later!

Do you have a tip for others who have just started blogging (or maybe me)? Go ahead and drop a comment in the box below. I am waiting to hear from you. πŸ™‚


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