eBook: Content Marketer's Guide To Remote Work

As remote content marketers, we’ve figured out how to effectively manage our tasks, plan content calendars, and set up content marketing efforts. 

We’ve compiled these processes and tips into an extensive ebook to help you work as a distributed team.

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Why do you need this ebook?

Content marketing looks a lot different when you’re working remotely.
As work from home has become commonplace everywhere, many
teams these days are finding it difficult to adapt their usual processes
to how they work now.

Miscommunication, too much back and forth, missed deadlines—
these are just some problems that remote content teams are seeing.

But you don’t have to deal with it! With 6 years of experience, our
team of content marketers has been working remotely.

This guide is everything you need to manage your remote content
team and set up processes that make your work as easy as pie.

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Who is this ebook for? Well, everyone but more so...

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