eBook: Content Marketer's Guide To Remote Work

As remote content marketers, we’ve figured out how to effectively manage our tasks, plan content calendars, and set up content marketing efforts. 

We’ve compiled these processes and tips into an extensive ebook to help you work as a distributed team.

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Why do you need this ebook?

Content marketing looks a lot different when you’re working remotely.
As work from home has become commonplace everywhere, many
teams these days are finding it difficult to adapt their usual processes
to how they work now.

Miscommunication, too much back and forth, missed deadlines—
these are just some problems that remote content teams are seeing.

But you don’t have to deal with it! With 6 years of experience, our
team of content marketers has been working remotely.

This guide is everything you need to manage your remote content
team and set up processes that make your work as easy as pie.

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Here’s what readers are saying!

Enthusiastic, industrious and sharp - Vanhi was a joy to work with

She can follow instructions to a tee, but also has the ability to carve a path of her own and ensure that she comes up with creative solutions to problems handed to her. She had a very positive response to all feedback regarding her work and was quick to chip in to provide assistance with domains and tasks that were not originally hers. She has a likable personality, built strong relationships in the industry and would be a welcome addition to any content marketing and social team. 

– Avtar Ram Singh
Head of Strategy, FALCON

She is like an extended arm for us and gets deeply involved in the requirements.

We have been working with Vanhishikha for over a year now and are really delighted with her commitment to work. Apart from being creative and talented, she is also a thorough professional. She is like an extended arm for us and gets deeply involved in the requirements. Her being an entrepreneur further helps us as she brings in extra energy to the team. Its been a pleasure working with her and I look forward to many more years of partnership.

– Samit Arora
Founder, SalesPanda

Who is this ebook for? Well, everyone but more so...

  • If your content marketing team just went remote
  • If you are having a hard time taking your content calendar online
  • If your usual processes for content marketing don’t work
  • If you are having trouble communicating with your team
  • If you are looking for tools for better content marketing management
  • If you are starting off as a remote working content marketer