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How To Make A Unique Poster Without A Designer!

Table of Contents

Posters are a great tool for advertisers, small businesses, propagandists, protestants and any other groups trying to communicate a message. But more often than not, the only place that most of these people get stuck in making a poster – is knowledge of design and the tools they would need.

Here I’ll tell you about a new tool – DesignCap. It is a smart tool that needs absolutely no prior design knowledge or technical know-how to make a perfect poster. All you need to do, is head over to its home page, login and simply follow the three step process.

1. Pick your favourite template

Click the “Make a Free Poster” button on DesignCap’s homepage. This will take you to their poster editing tool where you need to start with choosing a template that suits your need the best. The various templates available are sure to spark the creativity in you, if you have no idea at hand. But if you do have something in mind already, just create a poster by choosing a blank template.


2. Add your own pictures and story

Add your own product photo or other related pictures to the template. Write the copy or the story you want the poster to tell. Be sure to keep it crisp for maximum effect! You could choose your own fonts and sizes, but also follow those that are included in the poster template.

To edit your poster further, you can also use some of the preset filters that DesignCap offers. This is for all those who love to follow a specific theme!

There is also clipart available for all those who want to additionally decorate the poster. You could also search for more clipart online and upload it to your library.


3. Save Your Poster

Once everything looks cool, save it directly or just print it out. If not, you can simply save it as project file for future editing. Give your creative streak a little coffee and the tool will have you all set for creating a unique poster!

The best part of it all?

DesignCap is a free tool. So if you’re a small business or a group that is just starting out, this is exactly what you need to promote your message.

Worth giving a shot? Most definitely! 
Try DesignCap today


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