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Fotor: The Photo Editor Social Media Managers Need This Holiday Season

Table of Contents

If there is one all-important design element that works in favour of a banner ad or a social media post or even a YouTube channel, it is the combination of the design’s visual appeal and an easy-to-grasp message it seeks to convey. A skilled and reliable graphic designer has a huge bearing on how you deliver on that combination. That’s why you need a smart photo editor tool like Fotor.

With Fotor, there is an acknowledgement that having a user-friendly design is a great place to start, but the Fotor features are also shaped up by the underlying principle that user-friendliness is not the place to stop. The much-accessible attributes of Fotor’s design templates are combined with an alluring visual appeal, and that is what makes Fotor’s designs stand out.

Surprise your customers and loved ones with Christmas-themed designs

Now with Christmas just around the corner, businesses will be looking to put out specially designed ads, posters, social media posts, etc. in order to keep their branding in spirit with the festive season. Individuals too hope to make the most of the festive season by getting beautifully designed cards made to gift to others.

This has been a practice from many years now, but looking at the way businesses have tried to revamp their branding for Christmas over the years, most businesses either end up making their efforts look too flashy or modifying designs too minutely to be discernable.

With Fotor, you can rest assured that you get the designs that have the right blend of allure and professionalism on the eve of Christmas or, for that matter, any other festival.

For instance, having your team pictures in this template here could make for such a festive way to join in your customers for the Christmas celebration.

Photo editing taken to new levels

Fotor offers powerful online photo editing capabilities by means of the following features:

1. Stickers

It wouldn’t amount to an overstatement to say that stickers are all the rage today. Whether it is for personal interaction between two friends, or an occasion like a birthday or wedding, or for that matter a business advertisement, stickers are hotly pursued in all aspects of our lives. Fotor’s range of stickers and clip arts are specially designed to make the different types of interactions livelier and more interesting.

2. Photo Effects

For long photo editing has been considered a low hanging fruit that ironically very few are able to get right. Without the right set of tools, photo editing endeavours can get gimmicky, and this is where Fotor truly shines. The unique and beguiling photo effects of Fotor are products of the proven skill set of their designers who have taken diverse photographic styles and spun out of the filters that can suit any mood.

3. HDR Photography

HDR technology well and truly takes a picture to the next level awesomeness, but one does need the right tech to ensure that they create pictures that can stand up to the competition and more. Fotor’s online HDR software combines the power of Alignment Technology with Ghost Reduction to bring you HDR photos that place you miles ahead of your fastest peers.

4. Free Photo Text

Playing around with fonts can be a lot of fun, especially when the idea is to create something of a playful vibe. The Fotor photo text editor gives you the license to go all out and go bonkers. You can not only pick fonts directly from your computer but also have an interesting collection of online fonts to choose from.

Fotor does come across as an excellent photo editing tool that is as good in practice as it is on paper. For folks who have struggled with the traditional, super complex picture editing tools, Fotor is nothing short of a revelation.

For the Sweetest and Simply-Made Photo Collages

If you are someone not planning to get made special cards or posting creative social media updates and banner ads, but simply looking to arrange your photos in a sweet collage, Fotor has just the thing for you. Fotor comes with Collage Maker – a great feature that provides you with many photo collage templates that has the choicest range of styles. These are easy to use templates for you to make the most beautiful photo collages online and free of cost!

Depending on the number of photos, you can choose from the variously available photo grids and even customise them – be it adding cells, choosing the most desirable shapes, stitching multiple photos together, adjusting borders and colours, beautifying with effects and stickers, and so on. What makes the feature even more special is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create the most thoughtful collages; you can simply drag and drop pictures into collage cells.

Considering how the festive season is just around the corner and the amount of preparation you need in place, to join your customers in the celebration, I’d recommend giving Fotor a shot!


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