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Creating Video Content Just Got Easier With This Tool!

Table of Contents

Content is ingested in various forms – the written word, pictures, sound/podcasts, and videos. And while you can’t choose one over the other in your marketing mix it is clearly important to understand what works really well. In this post I’m talking about video content.

Comparing written content to videos is like comparing apples to oranges. There is simply no alternative to written content, and particularly for B2B companies content assets such as eBooks, whitepapers, and guides are essential lead generation tools. In this case, other content forms can enrich the material inside. So, you can support plain text with video clips, pictures, etc.

However, let us consider social media. Your audience on Facebook isn’t looking for long-form content. It is ‘hanging out’ there to get quick bites and snippets that are interesting, communicate the message in the shortest possible time, and is ‘sharable’. On social media, plain text plays a supporting role while videos (and pictures) take the center stage as the hero.

The rise of social media marketing demands videos to play a predominant role in user engagement. And thus, video marketing is now being quite widely used in marketing. In fact, 63% of businesses are already using video content marketing for their brand and products. What’s it about videos that making it spread its wings so quickly, so long and far?

Video content shows higher good ROI

The most important factor that you must evaluate before adding anything to your marketing mix is the kind of returns it can potentially give. Thankfully, videos have shown a good return on investment, as pointed out by over 80% of businesses in this report. The fact that there are a number of affordable yet quality video editing tools available to marketers makes it even simpler for you as a marketer to convince the top management to invest in one.


Videos are a hit with mobile users

Mobile, needless to say, is technology on the go. And, while the world is on the move it doesn’t bother reading through the endless text. That’s why mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year! Also, more than 90% of mobile video viewers share videos. That’s a huge percentage of video content being shared.

Videos mean better engagement and conversions!

We’ve already pointed out that over 90% of video watchers on mobile also end up sharing it. That’s enough proof in itself of how mobile wins a lot of engagement. The fact that video content makes it so easy to consume drags even the laziest of people in engaging with it. That’s why some of the most cumbersome products can be easily explained with ‘explainer’ videos and product tours. That’s not all for the power of videos. The conversion power of videos is even more applaudable. Simply by adding a video to your landing page can increase conversions by 80%. Where you aware of that?

Video content improves social sharing

With storytelling become more important than ever before video content is now being leveraged by marketers to create an emotional connect with their target audience. And, a solid connection between the brand and its audience is the beginning of a life long relationship. Data also points out that when users watch videos that strike an emotional cord in them, they are likely to share it with their friends and family. This ‘emotional essence’ is what ignites a viral loop!

More than 75% of users have pointed out that if they find a video interesting they are highly likely to share it on their social networks.

Other than the points mentioned above, it is also important to note that Google loves those brands who invest in video marketing. If you have a video embedded on your website, you are 53 times more likely to show up on Google! Clearly, you are missing out on a lot without counting video marketing in. With hundreds of tools available to simplify your video marketing efforts, you shouldn’t be lagging behind competitors who are already utilizing videos to their advantage.

FlexClip – A video maker for your marketing campaigns

Already looking up for video making and editing tools, online? Here’s one such tool that can help you create any type of video that you require for promoting your brand or product online.

Whether it’s a commercial video or a lifestyle video that you wish to deliver your story with, FlexClip helps you reel it in minutes. For example, if you are wedding couture business, storytelling with a lifestyle video of a couple that’s wearing your clothing would appeal to potential buyers. Similarly, you can create really interesting commercial videos for businesses as complicated as real estate too, with FlexClip.

It takes just three steps: Upload media, customize, and export the video. Having uploaded your video clips or photos to the storyboard you can then add music, text, and voiceover to it. Then, you can download this video in different definitions and share it around on social media channels. The following capabilities of FlexClip make it a smart video making and editing tool for those who otherwise have no experience in this field.

  • An easy to understand interface that allows you to create beautiful, engaging videos in a matter of seconds. You don’t need any experience in video editing for doing this job all by yourself!
  • Ability to add text animations for adding some fun and creativity to videos that could otherwise appear hurriedly done, or could be downright boring.
  • Real-time previews of the videos that you are just about to export so that you can make the required edits then and there.
  • HD quality for a refined viewing experience. It’s all about the experience for the users, ultimately.

Wrapping it up

In times of snackable content, video marketing is here to stay for years to come. And, marketers are trying their level best every day to spin fresh strategies for their videos. Humor and comedy, for example, are best utilized in video marketing. Even the most ‘formal’ of brands have dared to bring in a comic sense through videos. Think of a banking or insurance company, for example. The more creative you can get and the better you can connect with users with your users, the higher the engagement your videos will create.

Beautiful images, sound clarity, and excellent load speed are other technical factors that comprise good videos. This is where your need for a video making tool comes in. With FlexClip you got this sorted!

Want to try it out too?

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