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10 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Marketers And Bloggers

Table of Contents

Being a marketer is not easy – especially when you’re handling accounts for various startups across different industries. You don’t just have multiple profiles to remain consistent at, but you’re also constantly struggling to find the right kind of content to share on them. Even though you know exactly what you want to share, you can never find the content on time and having to follow through what competitors are doing, is even more challenging.

But having some Chrome extensions at hand can really help you manage time well. Here are some I swear by.

1. Save To Pocket

There are so many times when I’m reading a post and make a mental note of sharing it on my social channels. Then I move on to do the rest of my tasks through the day and forget where I had read it. So I spend another half an hour looking for the post with possible keyword searches on Google like a complete idiot. That’s why I like Pocket. It lets me save all the articles I have read or plan to read, category wise for later use.

2. Buffer

I am sure you saw this one coming! I spend a whole lot of time on social media looking for what people are talking about and how I can use the same to promote the businesses I am working with. Sometimes I come across posts that I instantly want to share on social accounts for a client, but then it wouldn’t fit into the day’s strategy. Instead of risking forgetting about the tweet or post I saw, I use the Buffer extension to add it to the queue.

3. Grammarly

I know, I know. I don’t come across as the oh-so-strict Grammar nazi but as a marketer, I need to watch what I’m writing – really closely. There are so many mails and messages that I send across to people in a day, that sometimes I just go wrong. And going wrong, only results in creating a bad impression on the client or a prospect. That’s why I think the Grammarly extension is a must have!

4. Facebook Invite All 

Okay, I like to call this extension a hack actually. Whenever that I start working with a brand, the number one thing to do is approach people in my connections who might like what they offer and ask them to follow them on social media – Facebook being the first one! Now Facebook lets you invite your friends one by one to a page, but this Chrome extension is literally a blessing – lets you send invites in one go.

5. Sidekick by HubSpot

Sidekick by HubSpot is no doubt, the best sales and CRM tool out there. Their Chrome extension is even better! It allows you to keep a tab on who has opened your emails, clicked through the content, see more information about the recipient – his social shares, company, position and more. The best thing about the extension is that it also lets you schedule emails instantly and manage your time perfectly well!


Believe it or not, I was initially one of those people who pasted the entire link while sharing on social media – no matter how long it was. But this was when I was still learning the tricks and trades of the industry. I came across and its extension to shorten the longest and the most horrific URLs. It also enables you to track the performance of these URLs across various digital channels.

7. Mozbar

SEO has become an integral part of marketing strategies. The Mozbar extension is an all-in-one SEO toolbar for researching on the go. It gives you instant metrics of a web page you’re viewing (SERP), lets you create custom searches by source, location and more. Yes, it’s always handy to have a tool that gets you insights into how competitor web pages are performing in the market!

8. BuzzSumo 

As a marketer and a blogger, it is very important for me to keep a close watch on what content is performing well on social media in my target audience. BuzzSumo extension lets me do exactly that. It lets you see how many shares a web page has received and also track shares, backlinks and more to identify top performing content.

9. Klout

Influencer marketing too has become an integral part of social media and digital marketing strategies. The Klout extension helps identify influencers amongst your social followers and their circles, and contact them for creating promotional campaigns. Simpler than trying to find an influencer manually!

10. One Click Google Hangout 

As a consultant, I am required to go on calls with my team as well as prospects half of the time. Trust me, with 25 tabs open at a time, opening my mail, then going to chat and starting a hangout for a collaborative call can be really time consuming. This extension lets you start a hangout/ video or audio call with multiple participants in one-click.

These are just a few of the extensions that I use on a day-to-day basis. But there are certainly a few more that I tend to seek help from every now and then. For example, Giphy, Traackr and more. It all depends on how productive I want to be through the day – I often fail at being my 100%, but that’s okay.

What other Chrome extensions do you use to manage time efficiently?


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