Why Your Small Business Needs A Logo: A DesignEvo Review

Why Your Small Business Needs A Logo: A DesignEvo Review

What is a logo?

It is a combination of visual imagery and text that represents the name of your company and the nature of your business. A strong logo emanates a business image that stands for visibility and credibility.

Would you do business with a company without a logo? Of course, not! Before anything else, you’d have serious concerns about the work it does and its reliability in the industry. Having a poorly-designed logo or no logo at all means you don’t take your business seriously.

Design Management Institute reports design-driven companies outperform S&P by 228% in a span of ten years.

Are you putting off the process of creating a logo for your new business till you bag a few projects or achieve some recognition? Don’t. You are making a huge mistake. In fact, don’t wait and get a logo right away!

Reasons why your small business needs a logo

1) Your business will look professional

Even if you use a DIY logo for the time being but switch to something more professional a few months later, your partners and customers will get confused. They will wonder “is it the same company we do business with?” or “have the business owners changed?”. Either way, it doesn’t send a good signal outside.

That’s why do a bit of R&D, invest in a proper branding strategy and design a logo that stands for your business. If you send out a message of professionalism to prospective customers, they will trust you more.

2) Your business will attract more customers easily

You may not have been in business since “1901” but if you have a logo you will stay relevant in the eyes of your customers. 65% of people remember what they see than what they hear or read. When you reinforce the name, the colour of your logo, they are more likely to remember you. When this happens, it gives you a competitive edge and increases your chances of getting more clients on board.

3) Your business will sound more credible

In this day and age, no one wants to work with a company that doesn’t take itself seriously. Branding is a key factor that defines the growth and success of any business. You may have the best of infrastructure, services, and offerings. But a logo is like an icing on the cake. Without a logo, potential customers will doubt your product or service offerings.

4) Your business will stand out in the field

A logo says a lot about your company, its mission and services offered. It embraces the personality of your business and spells it out through visual imagery. A well designed logo can put you far ahead in the competition; make sure you get it right the first time.

Want to create a logo? Use DesignEvo

If you don’t have the resources to hire a Pro, then use DesignEvo.

Started by PearlMountain just recently, this product is a step towards making logo-creation simpler for novices. Small businesses, that are low on funds, find the whole process time-consuming and expensive process.

DesignEvo is engineered to minimize the cost and reduce time with its vast database comprising one million high-quality icons and hundreds of stylish fonts and shapes. Without further ado, let us quick look at its features:

1) Select icons and shapes

Whether you are in the real estate industry or run a restaurant, you have the liberty of choosing the logo that defines your business in a real sense. DesignEvo offers multiple vector icons and shapes so that you can create a logo with much creative freedom.


Browse through the many options; I am sure you will find something to your liking. A logo is the first step towards building a brand identity; and this process is now easier than ever.

2) Edit logo text

Whether it is the name of the company or a tagline associated with the services offered by it, a logo often includes text. If your vision is such, then you can easily scoop out the perfect one from DesignEvo’s ultra-vast selection of free fonts and word arts.


With just one click, you can make your logo unique. Moreover, you have the flexibility to customize the font size, colour, alignment, type, and spacing. Your logo should reflect your business, and DesignEvo completely gets that.

3) Customize logo

Design Evo uses the simple WYSIWYG editor. It helps the user make adjustments to the fonts, shapes, texts and icons as per convenience. Since the process of making a logo requires creativity, DesignEvo allows you to customize at will.


It is also pretty easy to resize canvas, manage layers, define a solid or gradient color and resize canvas.

4) Free to use

DesignEvo is free! It doesn’t ask the user to register or download anything. You can customize to get a professional logo online, hassle-free.

5) Access it online

Whether you are in office or working from home – you can access the tool from anywhere. All you need is a dollop of creativity and a good internet connection. DesignEvo believes that to be creative, one should be given utmost freedom.

6) Work on a simple dashboard

It’s interface is so simple and clean that even a novice will be able to learn it within a few minutes. There are three main options towards the right – Icon, Text and Shape. You can change the Background and Layout by clicking the buttons on the top.

Most importantly, you can search for elements that are associated with your business. If not, you can always pick one from the Popular Searches section.


Before downloading the logo, you can also review it. Creating logos is now easier than ever thanks to DesignEvo.

Over to you

Every business is different. A logo helps it stand out. It doesn’t matter how big it is or what’s its industry background, a logo is key in building trust and driving success. We all have heard this saying: “first impression is the last impression.” A logo is the first thing that people notice.

There has never been a good time to consult on your company’s brand identity. Contact me now!

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