About Me

You already know, I’m Vanhishikha. But let me make that simple for you and let you call me ‘Vanhi’ here on!
I’m a writer, digital marketer and an engineer all rolled into one. Yes, that pretty much what everyone likes to call a full stack marketer or what you’re probably here seeking, a content marketer​
With a tech background well in place and my love for making things simple for everyone, I work with SaaS products to take the most complex of their solutions to the market in a consumable manner.

What’s more? I’m a fairly good storyteller who could help you tell yours and make customers fall in love with your business.

“Content leads to conversations. Conversations lead to growth."

You’ll mostly find me working with some crazy awesome products and teams from across the world – sometimes, all through the night. But if spotted otherwise, you’ll probably catch me sleeping in my Mickey pyjamas looking every bit crazy as the work I am usually doing!

I write and speak extensively on digital marketing and content writing. But I also love exploring the endless possibilities of emerging technologies in the digital landscape. You can find all my rantings, thoughts and opinions on marketing tactics and product recommendations to make business growth slightly simple, on my blog.
Not checked it out yet? CLICK HERE.

All in all, everything about me revolves around startups, writing a whole lot of awesome content and oh, my puppy.

Got a crazy startup idea and looking for someone to hustle with you to take your story to the market? LET’S TALK!

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