When someone asks you to describe yourself, I’m almost certain you use the words creative, innovative, hard working and more. But when it comes to going through your daily chores and sitting through the 9 to 5 you just joined, the one word that you’d rather use is BORING.

That was me till a few years back.

Sitting in offices from 9 am to almost 6 pm and sometimes even 11 pm, I can literally connect with anyone who says they are sick and tired of what they’re doing. The monotony is almost killing, and it was killing me too till I decided to go solo.

Yes, while some might call it a stupid decision to have moved from well paying jobs to working remotely, I beg to differ.

Instead of having to believe in a dream of someone else’s, I chose to live my little dream. My dream has always been pretty simple – to be associated with likeminded people, work on interesting concepts and not get stuck in a monotony. Ever.

If you’re someone who’s considering taking the leap of faith, then – Hey, I am glad you’re here!

Whether you’re starting to blog, are planning to switch your career to marketing, are a startup founder with a great idea but no marketing strategy or someone who wants to work on their personal branding, you’re at the right place. 😉

Yo! I am Vanhishikha and having been through the rut of a 9 to 5, I have discovered a way to work with great ideas across the world, keep my sanity, market the toughest of products in a challenging market and most certainly, learnt how to learn on the go from others!

While you hustle your way through the tough world, I’m just here to give you company and make it a little easier by sharing everything I know and everything I learn while I am typing this out.

Marketing, branding, personal development, blogging and growth, you name it and I’ll be happily spilling the beans I have been collecting over the years. But the moment you say ‘designing’ – sorry bro, that’s something I haven’t done and trust me when I say this, that’s something I am absolutely horrendous at!

Want to know a little more about me and what I am or have been working on? Let’s connect on LinkedIn right away.

And hey, thanks for being here! 🙂