You’ve built the best Shopify app. But how do you get merchants to use it?

I’m not saying that I cracked the code. But I found a way to set up a Shopify app marketing strategy that makes content work for you. 

Educate merchants and increase app installs with content marketing. 

Telling stories and making content convert is tricky. But we got it!

Shopify apps I’m working with

How do we make content work for you?

With years of experience in Shopify, we have a couple of tactics up our sleeves.

Content marketing

With extensive competitor and industry research, I work with you to understand the keywords and topics your app needs to rank for and create content that educates and nurtures merchants.

  • Blogs
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Checklists and more!

Shopify App Listing Optimization

From including evergreen keywords in your listing to making sure the description explains what your app does clearly and creating a media gallery that is designed to impress, I’ll work with you on the tiniest of details. 

Let’s make organic search on the app store work for you! 

Search engine optimization

Don’t just rely on the app store searches to increase your installs. Leverage the search engine to drive more traffic to your listing too! 

From optimizing your site or landing page copy to creating keyword-optimized content, let’s tackle it all together.

Social media marketing

A Shopify app marketing strategy without social media is incomplete. 

Let’s create engaging micro-content to reach out to your target merchants on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more, nudge interactions and turn them into loyal customers of your app. 


Here’s everything I learned on the go…


Ready to use content marketing for growth?

A brief description about the ebook, somehwere around 50 words max or 3 -4 lines which ever works. basically i want to fill this space right now so that i can see how does it look. ok? not ok? issok. i will still fill it up. 


Every time you shy away from telling your story, your competitor stands a chance of getting 69% more leads. Now, you could wait or…

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