Hey, I’m Vanhishikha

Let’s start with calling me Vanhi for now. I know you were struggling to pronounce that! I build content marketing strategies for B2B SaaS companies. I’m one part marketer and one part writer, which makes storytelling my go-to favourite tactic for creating content marketing strategies. Fuelled by multiple cups of coffee through the day, a few rants and memes on Instagram, I’m best known for delivering carefully crafted, SEO-driven, content marketing strategies for B2B startups.

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A bit about me

In the six fast-paced years of working (and adulting) in the marketing industry, I’ve worked with B2B SaaS startups across various domains.

From social media automation suites to customer acquisition, engagement and retention tools. From machine learning to artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, I’ve had the chance to work with the smartest of brains across the globe. And I’m hoping some of it rubbed off on me! 

I’ve led a high-performing team of digital marketers, community managers and content creators to work on B2B content marketing strategies designed to build an audience from ground up.

My key strengths lie in marketing strategy, content management, content writing, research, social media and dropping sarcastic comments. 

When I’m not working on marketing, you’ll find me binge-reading thrillers, having more coffee, posting more rants on Instagram or posing while my mother clicks a picture of me! 

What I do

I create content marketing strategies for B2B companies that know the importance of an education-first approach to acquiring and retaining customers. My inbound-first focus ensures that companies reach their target audience on the right channel, with the right message and at the right time.

Marketing Strategy

Don’t wait to take your startup to the market. I’ll help you devise a game plan to reach your prospective consumers and turn them into customers using inbound marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

Words, but not wordy. I’ll help you create a content marketing strategy to capture attention, educate your target market and fuel your business growth organically.

Copy and Content Writing

Got ideas but not enough time to turn them into words? I’ll help you create ebooks, articles, video scripts, infographics, ad copies, whitepapers, research papers and more consistently.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re not on social, you don’t exist. I’ll help you select the right social channels that are fit to achieve your goals and help you create a strategy that boosts engagement and growth.

Content Advertising

Getting to the forefront needs a push and a strategy to ensure you don’t end up bankrupt. I’ll help you plan your content advertising campaigns to max out your ROI! 

Content Atomization

No piece of content should die an untimely death. I’ll help you create authority content and a strategy to repurpose it into different formats to extend its runway. Organic growth 101.

Hell, even a brainstorming session!

Not sure what stage your venture is at or don’t know where to begin, or need someone to bounce your ideas off? 

If you’re offering a hot cup of tea or coffee, you have my attention…

Who I work with

B2B buyers consume an average of 13 pieces of content before making a purchase decision. So I worked with these teams to build a B2B content marketing strategy that evolves with their target market needs, with a focus on organic growth.

Recent work

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to B2B content marketing. I make sure your content marketing strategy is one that is tailored to match your unique goals. To each his own, as they say!


Content Marketing, Advertising and Atomization

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Yearly organic
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Increase in leads from
content advertising
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Increase in

Working with a team of eCommerce and analytics experts, I created a content marketing strategy focusing on authoritative skyscraper techniques with a SEO-focused approach using the HubSpot pillar tactic.

The content created focuses on ranking for targeted keywords, being used for TOFU advertising and content atomization to extend marketing runway.


Content marketing for organic traffic growth.

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Yearly organic
traffic growth
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Increase in
0 %
Increase in
dwell time

My work with AttendanceBot revolves around creating a month-on-month SEO-focused content marketing strategy. By identifying key topic pillars, backing it with in-depth keyword research and using the skyscraper technique, I was able to work with the team to increase their organic traffic by 200%, leading to 13% higher conversion rates.


Community and Marketing Leadership

0 %
Yearly community
0 %
0 %
Yearly organic
traffic growth

I work with FindThatLead to help build an active community of growth marketers and entrepreneurs on Facebook, with an inbound-first strategy. To further activate the community growth, I worked on creating a content marketing strategy focusing on authoritative content creation, distributed and syndicated across websites to reach a wider, yet targeted audience, leading to 7x faster growth organically.


Content marketing ebook

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Organic growth
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Happy reviews

Me and my team at Contensify, which is a content marketing agency for B2B startups shared how we work in a remote-first environment and still crush our goals.

For everyone who aspires to be a content marketer or wants to simply bring some process in their remote team now, this ebook is for you!

What those I work with think

Like I said, I’ve had the chance to work with the brightest minds in the B2B SaaS industry. But seldom do you find those that become family. Here’s mine!

Make your content do the marketing. And let me help you with it!

Whether you’re looking to execute an extensive content marketing campaign, get started with one or simply want an opinion on your ongoing content strategy, I’m here to help you build an organic channel of growth.

Use this form to reach me or drop me a hello on LinkedIn.

Let’s not be strangers. Tell me a little about yourself.

How will we work together?

You want a content marketer who understands the ins and outs of your SaaS startup. You wish for someone who works with you as a team and not just another freelancer. Well, that’s what I’ve been doing all my grown-up, caffeinated life.


To kick things off, let’s have a video chat so I can learn about your problem and opportunity.


Once we’ve aligned on the scope of work, I’ll create a strategy for the project along with deliverables, and send you a contract.

Scope of

I’ll dive straight into listing down must-haves and good-to-haves so we can build a scope of work. 

Consistent communication

We’ll connect over Slack or Skype to ensure we work as a team on your content marketing campaigns! 

Oh, and I have a Content Marketing Podcast too!

I had been procrastinating over starting a podcast, but then I decided to do what I know best (or hope I do) – share everything I know about content marketing.

These are going to be quick episodes on everything you need to know about content marketing and creating content that works. I’ll be occasionally joined by other marketing experts who’ll share their learnings on content marketing and other inbound strategies. Stay tuned!

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