How To Make A Unique Poster Without A Designer!

Posters are a great tool for advertisers, small businesses, propagandists, protestants and any other groups trying to communicate a message. But more often than not, the only place that most of these people get stuck in making a poster – is knowledge of design and the tools they would need.

Here I’ll tell you about a new tool – DesignCap. It is a smart tool that needs absolutely no prior design knowledge or technical know-how to make a perfect poster. All you need to do, is head over to its home page, login and simply follow the three step process.


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5 Ways Big Data Is Impacting Marketing Operations

The term “marketing” has significantly evolved from being restricted to just offline PR and advertising activities. It now encompasses digital initiatives such as content, SEO, social media and more. This function has become a serious contributor to an organization’s revenue in support of its annual goals.

In fact, the heart of business success lies in its marketing. You will be surprised to know that 57 percent of salespersons believe buyers are less dependent on them to make a purchase. Why? Because buyers have come to be well-informed through consistent marketing initiatives by organizations.


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