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Yes, Wishes Can Come True With This Wishlisting App!

As a startup marketer and consultant, I get the opportunity to work with some of the best concepts and ideas from across the world. Meeting teams with different backgrounds and definitely different thought processes for developing their products, leaves me excited to learn more.

So here I am, sharing a little about the one app that I truly believe is what you have been looking for.


Geenees is a smart wishlisting app that makes gifting simple, social and fun. With a vision to create moments with the right gifts to our loved ones, theΒ app aims at making perfect gifting possible.

The app enables you to save products from Amazon to separate wish lists, created as events. This wish list can be viewed by your friends and family – who are already using the app or are invited to it by you, to be your Geenees.

And no, it’s not just about ‘your’ gift. You too can see wish lists of others in your circles the same way!

geenees wishlisting app

What does this do?

For me, the first thing that made me want to do my bit for Geenees, was working towards getting rid of the most awkward question – “Hey! What do you want as a gift?”

Now I might need an Apple Watch, but do I expect someone to spend hundreds on dollars on it? No.
Do I know what budget the other person has in mind for a gift? No.
Does it look good to ask for something that makes the other person a little uncomfortable? No. Β 

But an Apple Watch isn’t the only thing on my wish list, there are plenty of stationery items that I have curated over time. I haven’t bought them simply because I don’t need them immediately, but I am wishing for someone to just gift them to me – let’s say, I get to tell my mother how ‘hey, it got gifted!!!’

The idea is to make people get back to the basics of thinking what would be a great gift to someone, and not just handover a gift card like it doesn’t matter.Β 

Personally, even if someone gives me a gift card from my favourite brand, it takes me days to get to the store and look for something I want to buy within that budget. Most of the times, I either end up spending much above the amount given to me or sometimes forgetting that I have a gift card from the store I am planning to shop at.

Gift card given. Gift forgotten. Moment lost!
Is that what you really want? Absolutely, NOT.

shoulder shrugging gif

Geenees will make gifting smart, practical, easy and add a surprise element to it as well. It will help you create that very moment where your friend or family member smiles at you genuinely and in complete surprise, because you bought them something they have been wishing for.

How does the app work?

If you have been shopping online for a while, I’m pretty sure you already know how wish listing works. Geenees lets you create wish lists in a way more organized manner. You can save items from Amazon to event – based wish lists – simply put, add items you want to lists as per the occasion, so that your Geenees know what they can buy for you on that very day!

geenees wishlisting app - how it works

While the app is launching soon (and I’ll be the first to give you an update here), you can get an EXCLUSIVE INVITE here: Geenees Wishlisting App.

Trust me when I say this, the app is sure to not let you down!


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